Why I Keep a Journal

Why Journal?I am a journaler. I have kept a journal for over 25 years. You can give me any date in the past 25 years and I can tell you what I was doing on that date. Some people have questioned why I do this. Why bother? What good reasons do I have to keep a journal? That’s what I would like to talk about today.
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The Bottomless Notebook

Writers JournalReading through a writer’s notebook or journal is like discovering pearls, rubies and diamonds amidst a pile of rubble.

That little notebook is a powerhouse of ideas for every writer: The more you write down bits and pieces of your thoughts and observations, the more you are adding into the well of ideas for future works.
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How to Choose a Dream Journal

Dream JournalDreams are one of the ways in which we can live more purposeful lives. By paying attention to our nightly dreams, we receive guidance and information that helps us to live a more deliberate life by pointing us towards more conscious choices.
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Astrology and Journaling – Keeping a Journal Makes Learning Astrology Easy and Fun

Astrology and JournalingDid you know that keeping a journal is a dandy aid to learn astrology?

Journaling has many positive benefits. It provides a handy way of recording your thoughts, perceptions and ideas before they are lost to the demands of everyday living.
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Why Keep a Journal on a Computer

Computer JournalingWhat is your image of yourself associated with journal writing? Is it sitting in a big cozy chair with notebook and pen scribbling away? Does using a computer to keep your journal conflict or fit in with you sense of what journal writing is?
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Creative Travel Journals – 14 Ways They Are Different and Much More Fun Than Regular Journals

Travel JournalWhy use ANY travel journal? Why not just remember all the fun times on your trip?

Because without one, you will arrive home, get back in your routines, and the memories of that fabulous, fun trip will fade away – guaranteed! Within embarrassingly too few days or weeks after arriving home, your wonderful memories will have melted into one big fat faded trip with just a title like New York or Italy or Oh Yes, Where Was That?
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In The Flesh: 3 Tips To Journaling Believable Characters

3 Tips To JournalingWriters are natural observers. We note characteristics about people that others miss. How many times have you observed someone, and then revealed that observation to a friend who said, “Yes, yes, that is exactly right! I could not put my finger on what impressed me about that person before.” Here are three journaling tips that will develop your skill of observation.
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A Learning Journal Is Your Map to Continuous Development

Learning journalWith the world changing each year at an increasingly faster pace, there are times when many of us think and feel as if we are treading water and are not learning new behaviors to increase our leadership effectiveness. When we look back over the past year at our accomplishments, we can’t clearly define what behaviors, skills, knowledge, and traits have helped us achieve our goals.
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Notebooks as Inspiring as the Music

Vinyl JournalsSo maybe you don’t own a record player anymore, but thanks to one creative music lover, you now have an ecofriendly way for you to enjoy your favorite albums.

It all began when Katie Pietrak, a music enthusiast and craft hobbyist, was organizing her own record collection one afternoon – a collection of several thousand albums she started amassing when she was 15. Something clicked while she was admiring the shiny black vinyl, the colorful circular labels and the vintage album art. Why not take these beautiful albums and make them into notebooks?

Inspired by the idea of creating something truly unique, Pietrak, who has an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and spent her career in the corporate world, decided to move back to her family’s home in Telford, PA. With the support of her family and her boyfriend, an avid writer, she launched Vintage Vinyl Journals in the spring of 2011.

“I created the journals as a new way to repurpose and reuse the vinyl albums I have been collecting for years,” Pietrak says. “It’s a great way for me to remember the music I love and still listen to. I love to doodle and write and making these journals marries two of my favorite interests.”

Today she has a healthy e-commerce web site (www.vintagevinyljournals.com) and hundreds of journals available for purchase crossing several genres. Whether you bopped to the Beach Boys, hustled to the Bee Gees, rocked with Led Zeppelin or moshed to Nirvana, there is a journal on her site waiting for you. She accepts custom requests as well, and has recently created journals using records by Katy Perry, Bon Iver, Radiohead, The White Stripes and Taylor Swift.

Pietrak takes customer feedback to heart, and is thrilled to have received very positive reviews. “From day one we have had a lot of interest and customers are even going a little ‘vintage’ with their feedback,” she says.

“We’ve heard, ‘they are really neato’ to ‘tres cool’ to ‘awesome!’”

The company unites all of Pietrak’s passions with her organization and business skills. The journals are truly works of art, handcrafted using the authentic record itself on the front, which is cut into a square so the label is in the center. Pietrak says most of the albums she uses are scratched or damaged and since they can’t be played anymore, they would otherwise be trashed. For the back and to reinforce the book, Pietrak uses a section of the album cover making each album truly unique. Inside are 240 acid-free high quality unlined recycled pages. The paper is thick and toothy, making it a pleasure to write on.

“We have great interest and pride in our journals,” Pietrak says. “We hope others
enjoy writing in them as much as we enjoy making them.”


About the Author:  Jennifer Raphael

Jennifer Raphael is a Philadelphia-based freelance copywriter with almost two decades of communications, copywriting and public relations experience. She has been an avid journaler since 1984. You can find her online at http://jenniferraphael.com