Your Creative Writing Journal – 7 Reasons To Never Leave Home Without Your Creative Writing Journal

JournalingThe most effective tool any creative writer can have is a creative writing journal of some kind.

For anyone creative, ideas are our lifeblood, they’re the starting point for everything we ever create. Without ideas, we have nowhere to go, nothing to develop, we’re completely redundant.
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Help Control Your Spending with a Daily Journal Entry

journalingHelp Control Your Spending with a Daily Journal Entry

Do you have trouble keeping track of your finances? Maybe your savings is a lot lower than you will need for your future. If you are having personal finance issues, it can be very easy to get back on track by using your journal.

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Getting Outside Yourself in Journaling

Journaling is a practice we can use to get to know ourselves better. For the most part, we thoroughly enjoy the experience, and it leads to greater self-confidence and personal health.

There may be times, though, when your journaling seems bogged down in too much You. You realize you’re in a rut and you’re starting to dislike yourself.
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Journals You Can Keep

Journal TypesBesides your daily feelings, thoughts, and experiences journal, there are many ideas for journals or diary that you can keep, some are suggested below. Buy a blank book or a notebook with a particular journal topic in mind and keep this book for only that topic. You may decide to keep several kinds of journals at the same time, so remember that you do not have to journal every day.
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Paper Wishes – 100 Journaling Prompts to Inspire and Encourage

Journaling PromptsSometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to that place where you don’t have to be anything else.

Journaling provides us with a necessary outlet for our thoughts and feelings. It reminds us to validate and acknowledge them as being important enough to write down and examine. In putting them on paper, we have allowed ourselves to catalog and process them and then to release them, freeing ourselves for more opportunities.

What they think of you is none of your business.
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