A Journaling Process

Journaling“I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it.” — William Faulkner

There don’t have to be any rules for journaling. It’s exciting to be open and creative – to find your own style and express yourself. But following some general tips may dramatically increase your results. Here’s a simple 4-step process: Sync, Think, Ink and Link.
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Internet Business Tip: Keep an Idea Journal

journalingBusiness ideas are coming to us all the time — where are you going to keep those ideas so that you can use them in the future? Keeping a journal for your business ideas will be one of the best business tools you can have.

“We have 50,000 ideas run through our minds daily. Ideas are like wet slippery fish. You got to get ’em when they show up or they will slip away never to be seen again.” – Earl Nightingale
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Five Reasons to Start a Daily Journal

journalingKeeping a journal can have a tremendous impact in your life. If you’re thinking about starting a daily journal, try to write a little bit every day to get a feel for it. After a couple of weeks, you may begin to look forward to writing, and you will discover many benefits to writing about your daily experiences.
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Keeping a Love Journal

journalingDo you love someone very deeply? A spouse, son, daughter, or maybe a group of people. February 14 is Valentine’s Day. This unofficial holiday is a day card companies started to increase their business and has evolved into more over the years. It is a day of reflection, a day to show someone else you care, a day to see the love we have for ourselves as well.
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