Journaling for Stress Relief

journalingOne of the great things about natural stress remedies is that they can be facilitated with mundane, household items like a pen and paper or notebook. Writing your thoughts down, for example, may be more useful than just recording your life experiences and feelings.

Some consider doing so to be among the most powerful of stress reducers. Indeed, expressing your emotions through the written word may help you relieve stress naturally while reducing worry, anxiety and other depressive symptoms.

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How To Make a Journal Special Using Simple Scrap-Booking Techniques – 5 Tips

journalingMost journals are created using mainly text together with a smattering of photographs and memorabilia and have minimal enrichment in terms of design and visual features. But there is no reason why a journal should not have plenty of graphic and enhancing elements to make it a real treasure.

So you love to write and have no trouble filling pages of your journal, but why not make your journal shine by using a few simple visually appealing ideas? Using lots of text may explain and give great detail about your thoughts and feelings but using sound visual presentation techniques will make your journal into an heirloom for future generations while giving a clear impression of what each aspect of your life was like.

Here are a few tips to help you make your journal a precious keepsake:

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Leave a Legacy – Keep a Personal Journal

journalingFew things in life shed more light on who we are, what we believe, and lessons we have learned, than our personal journals. There is not a life that does not have meaning.

Whether you refer to it as a daily log, journaling, writing, keeping a diary, or taking daily notes; write down the events of your life along with the feelings, thoughts, and lessons learned.

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Weight Loss – Use a Journal to Help You

diet journalWeight loss is a process that does not happen overnight. There is no magic pill. You must put in time and effort to see success with weight loss. When you decide that weight loss is your goal, a journal can come in handy. What you put in your journal is up to you, but there are a few things you should add to make your weight loss as successful as possible. The following article contains some tips you can use when you want to lose weight and use a journal to help you do it.

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Keeping a Diary – Tips for Productive Journaling for Children

classroom journalingParents of younger school-age children will remember the first time their child said, “I want to write about that… ” Especially when children are first learning how to read and write and string sentences together, they start to show more and more curiosity about writing something of their own. A fun way to help children explore their desire to write is to teach them about journaling, or as it was called when we adults were younger, keeping a diary.

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Use Your Journal To Record Your Experience

journalingAs you grow and expand yourself or your business, it is important to record your experience. If you do not journal already, please start right away. It is critical to understanding yourself.

It is important to incorporate journaling into your daily life. The purpose of a journal is to draw out what is within you. Journaling is a wonderful process because it combines both left brain and right brain activities and synthesizes both experiences. Writing tends to be logical and sequential. Yet, when you get lost in it, your right brain creativity kicks in.

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The Handwritten Journal Vs The Blog

My strong opinion is always that the handwritten journal is in fact a lot better than the online blog. So get the pen out of the dusty drawer and give the keyboard a rest. You will discover more feelings and subconscious thoughts by handwriting your journal entries. Writing on the computer releases too much technical writing for a personal journal whereas handwritten entries tap into inner emotions more freely.

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An Exceedingly Simple Guide to Keeping a Journal

journaling tipsI have to confess: I’ve never been good at keeping a journal. Until this year.

It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do regularly, and over the years I’ve started journals in many different forms. I have bits of journals in several notebooks and in several computer files, but while they’re interesting, they’re more a testament to my failure to keep a journal going for very long.

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