Journal Writing Makes a Great Classroom Activity

classroom journalingBig sisters used to scream “Mom” when little brothers were caught breaking into their secret diary to read what their sister wrote about the cute boy on the bus. Today, while few of us have traditional locked diaries, many people do purchase beautiful, empty books in which to write about, or “journal,” daily activities, thoughts, disappointments, feelings, activities and dreams.
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Create an Online Journal and Watch Your Dreams Come True

online journalI recently wrote a complete list of the things I wanted to do before I die.  I recorded them in my online journal so I can view them anytime I want.  Since I have written my list, I have already done things I never thought possible.  Here are some of those dreams.
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Keep Thy Personal Journal Private!

Keep Thy Journal PrivateIf you live with other people, I know you shudder to think about what would happen if your personal journal fell into the wrong hands. Journaling is not about writing something and then leaving it on your bed so your family can see how you really feel about them. You may be tempted to do that at times, but don’t.
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Four Keys to Successful Journaling

By using the following four guidelines, you can ensure you are getting the most out of your journalingFour Keys to Successful Journaling experience.

*Avoid the pitfall of writing for others

As a writer myself, I know all too well the tendency to write everything as if it were my next piece for publication. In journaling, it is best to express yourself freely, without the restriction of grammar rules, spelling, and all the other things that can cause distractions from the genuine purpose of the writing.

When we write for an audience or to silence the inner critic, we become less candid and our writing is not an authentic expression of our true self.
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