Three Simple Tips to Take Your Journal Back

Journal ExercisesCommitted journalers know that maintaining a daily journaling practice is an excellent way to open new channels of self-discovery and self-expression.

When you keep a journal in which you write regularly, if not daily, you have the opportunity to process all the experiences in your life and gain a greater understanding of yourself and others.

Sometimes, though, problems arise.

You may open your journal one day and find that the blank lines stare back at you, daring you to sully them with your unedited thoughts.

You begin to feel overwhelmed and come to the decision that you just don’t have the time to “properly” journal. You run into a journaling brick wall and eventually your journal just dies from lack of attention.

If you’ve ever had this experience, or are having it right now, here are three simple tips to get back into journaling:

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Journaling Your Way To Happiness

journalingOprah has said it and so will I, keeping a daily journal is an excellent way to help yourself to a generous dose of Happiness.

In studies conducted, it has been found that writing the events of the day in a journal drastically increases your powers of recall and memory.

It also helps to ‘unload’ all the baggage you’ve collected during the day.

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Understanding Your Divorce – Use a Journal

Healing JournalDivorce emotions are hard enough one time, so you want to do everything you can not to repeat the same mistakes. Even if it looks like your ex is the one who made mistakes, it did take two to tango.

If you journal about the divorce, you will discover your role and not make the same mistake twice.

If there every was a time in your life when emotions run rampant, it’s when you’re going through a divorce. Wouldn’t you agree? There you are – you think your life is totally working when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet.

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The Joy Of Journaling

journalingDon’t be surprised if during your next office visit, your doctor hands you a prescription for a journal with instructions to write a minimum of 30 minutes a day!

That’s right. Medical science has discovered what we writers have known for a long time…the benefits of journaling.

According to research documented in the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 14, 1999, persons suffering from asthma and rheumatoid arthritis significantly reduce symptoms by “expressive writing.”

Writing about (stressful) life events helps to put things into perspective!

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Top 5 Journal Topics – Introduction to Journal Writing

Journal WorkshopWriting is one of the few art forms that can be practiced by virtually anyone.

Whether you’ve taken a class to become a better writer or not, or you just want to write for pleasure or for friends and family, writing can be a cathartic and healing activity, and can be done almost anywhere and at any time.

Many people who are new to the writing process often find a relatively easy and cost-free way to begin, is by starting a journal.

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Three Ways to Write Your Way Through a Life Change

Journal WorkshopNew schools… new family dynamics… new relationships… new jobs… new bodies… new projects…new perspectives…

September has always been a season of change for me. As a mother, wife, daughter, teacher and business professional, many opportunities for development and growth seem to present themselves in September in almost every aspect of my life.

It’s up to me to choose which paths to follow. And, whether the upcoming changes are welcome or not, there’s something unsettling about change. So I find clarity and guidance in journal writing.

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What Is a Gratitude Journal?

journalingDoes this feel like a familiar experience to you?…

As a women entrepreneur in a moment of awareness and panic you realize it’s time to take some fast action to bring in some immediate income.

So you work extra hours, reach out to prospects, do a little networking and possibly stretch yourself to launch a program or two.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this activity you start feeling exhausted because you’re working hard – yet you’re not creating the results (i.e. income) that you had hoped for. You tell yourself, “It’s just not possible to make money in an aligned, balanced way.” So you settle down for a much needed respite and break.

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Journaling for Stress Relief

journalingOne of the great things about natural stress remedies is that they can be facilitated with mundane, household items like a pen and paper or notebook. Writing your thoughts down, for example, may be more useful than just recording your life experiences and feelings.

Some consider doing so to be among the most powerful of stress reducers. Indeed, expressing your emotions through the written word may help you relieve stress naturally while reducing worry, anxiety and other depressive symptoms.

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How To Make a Journal Special Using Simple Scrap-Booking Techniques – 5 Tips

journalingMost journals are created using mainly text together with a smattering of photographs and memorabilia and have minimal enrichment in terms of design and visual features. But there is no reason why a journal should not have plenty of graphic and enhancing elements to make it a real treasure.

So you love to write and have no trouble filling pages of your journal, but why not make your journal shine by using a few simple visually appealing ideas? Using lots of text may explain and give great detail about your thoughts and feelings but using sound visual presentation techniques will make your journal into an heirloom for future generations while giving a clear impression of what each aspect of your life was like.

Here are a few tips to help you make your journal a precious keepsake:

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