How to Write a Journal to Success

journalingSuccess is a journey. It is not the result that we expect to enjoy. Neither is it the feeling when you receive what you want. But instead it is the joy you have while pursuing you goal. It happens in every moment you have with your persistent in your actions. This may sound hard to believe but it is the real event that had happened to millions of successful people.

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Writing the Chapters of Your Life – Surprising Insights Using This Special Journaling Technique

JournalingList-making is a favorite journaling technique and is often used to quickly jot down a numbered record on topics like “my beliefs,” “my pet peeves,” “the things I hate about myself,” or “my strengths.” However, there’s a special type of list technique that moves beyond a simple itemization and into the realm of significant self-awareness.
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An Exceedingly Simple Guide to Keeping a Journal

journalingI have to confess: I’ve never been good at keeping a journal. Until this year.

It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do regularly, and over the years I’ve started journals in many different forms. I have bits of journals in several notebooks and in several computer files, but while they’re interesting, they’re more a testament to my failure to keep a journal going for very long.

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How to Journal for the Soul

How to Journal for the SoulA journal can serve so many purposes. There are food journals to assist with weight loss, home improvement journals, baby keepsake journals, and travel journals, just to name a few. I started my first journal at age 15 simply because I wanted to remember what it was like to be that age, and realized that if I didn?t write it down, I would forget. Just recently, I began blank book number 12! These simple books, filled with life?s memories, are among my most prized possessions.
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Journal Writing Secrets – 8 Ways to Use a Journal to Defeat Writer’s Block

writer's blockWriter’s block is an annoying and often persistent condition that impacts all writers: and that means everyone, because everyone is a writer!

A writer’s block episode is a temporary situation, but we prolong the agony when we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by it rather than meeting, managing, and mastering this challenge.
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Mind Mapping Your Journal Entries

Clustering, also called Mind Mapping, is a great way to save space and time when you journal. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Mind Mapping, you can search in Google on the words or reading one of Tony Buzan’s (the creator) books. At the end I’ve included the ten basic rules of Mind Mapping.
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Using a Journal Headshot

Using a Journal HeadshotA journal headshot (a short entry) provides a quick picture of yourself at any time of the day. You can use it as a quick check of where you are during a break. You can also use it as a beginning journal entry, if you are just starting to journal. You can also write a series of journal headshots for a week or so. Then reread them and see if you discover any patterns in your thoughts, feelings, actions or perceptions. Keep this exercise handy for use at any time.
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How To Use A Journal To Cut Your Stress

Are you looking for some inside information on journaling? Here’s an up-to-date report from journaling experts who should know.

Writing in your journal on a regular basis can actually help you prevent stress. You will learn to think out your problems in an organized way. You will learn how to express yourself and release emotions and anxieties. You learn how to manage your life more productively so you do not have such overwhelming feelings which lead to stress.
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How to Create A Journal Persona

How to Create a Journal PersonFirst of all, I often become too intense when I journal. Sometimes it’s easier for me to be serious then to write fun entries. There’s always a season to journal about serious topics. I am going to introduce one simple way to have fun when you journal.
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