New Notebook, New Season

journalingOn January 1st, some people start off the year with a bright new notebook.

“This is the year I’m going to write my journal every day,” they think. Then, around January 6th – and, co-incidentally, Epiphany – they find their journaling has ground to a halt.

There’s too much to do. They have too little to say. Or so they think.

Here are some tips for this New Year – starting this very day. These techniques are drawn from life-long journaling (by me and other people including everyone from Virginia Woolf to Bridget Jones). Although not an exhaustive list, they will get you started and keep you going:

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Journal your Way to the Altar and Beyond

Congratulations – You are engaged to be married!peace love journal

You are at the door steps of the most exciting time in your life. Enjoy it! Chronicle it!

Put your journey in a journal and include your thoughts and feelings. Or better yet, transform your journal into a Wedding Scrap Book.

Create a family legacy to share the memories of your engagement, wedding and life together with your children and grandchildren.

Keep a diary of actions taken, experiences and feelings as they occur or shortly thereafter. Put your ideas, dreams, goals desires and aspirations on paper.

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Peace Through Love and Journaling

peace love journalMany people experience romantic love at least once in their lives, and hopefully most of us know familial love and the love of friends. And perhaps we’ve been in love with our pets, or our projects, or the ocean, or chocolate.

Whatever the object of our love, the best part about loving is how it makes us feel, even before we know we are loved in return. The simple act of loving dispenses huge benefits for mind and body. The emotion of love makes us feel good inside and out.

Because of this, it makes sense to cultivate our involvement in loving, to nurture it so that it grows. Surely, the more we are in love, the more peace and happiness we can know.

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Family Journals

family journalKeeping a journal cannot only be beneficial to you as an individual, but it can also be a benefit to your family. Do you remember the family vacation to Disneyland when you were 12? What about your parent’s 20-year anniversary? Or your birthday party when you turned 15?

The new house you moved into in 8th grade? High school graduation?

All those family memories from family events — all those moments in time, now past.

A family journal is a book, or a series of books, where family members can journal about any event that has taken place.

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Young Writers – Making the Summer Journal Fun

classroom journalingWith technology being what it is today for children, the desire to write outside of school grows slim to none. If any writing is being done, it’s generally in the form of a text or email.

Keeping your child’s handwriting skills at their peak performance is as essential for school success as being a good reader. But before you haul out the notebook paper and pencils, let’s look at some fun ways to keep kids writing… and enjoying the process.

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Journal Writing and a Meaningful Life

journalingHow acutely do you sense a lack of meaning in your life? It’s easy to get caught up in materialism and forget what you most want to do and be. 21st century existence leaves little room for the finer things. Yet losing touch with ideals ends up in pain.

If you want to improve your health and happiness and return to intimacy with your ideals, take a refresher course in meaning by focusing on your perceptions.

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Weight Loss – Use a Journal to Help You

diet journalWeight loss is a process that does not happen overnight. There is no magic pill. You must put in time and effort to see success with weight loss. When you decide that weight loss is your goal, a journal can come in handy. What you put in your journal is up to you, but there are a few things you should add to make your weight loss as successful as possible. The following article contains some tips you can use when you want to lose weight and use a journal to help you do it.

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