7 Tips For Starting Your Painting Art Journal

Art JournalYour painting art journal is a powerful way to jump-start your future painting projects. Consider the following tips to get started.

1. Obtain an 8 1/2 x 11 size hard cover sketchbook. Of course, you could make your own journal, but that is for another discussion. Why keep a journal? It is important to maintain a journal to record important ideas that you receive. If not those great ideas will fly out of your mind as quickly as you receive them. Therefore, Keep your journal with you at all times.
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Generate Writing Ideas From Your Personal Journal and Freewriting Notebook

Generate Writing IdeasWhen it comes to generating ideas and characters to write about for your novel, essay, or children’s story, two of your best resources to glean ideas from are your two best writing friends: Your Personal Journal and your Freewriting Notebook.
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Writing a Journal – Tips on Organisation and Motivation

Journal Organization and MotivationFollowing some important guidelines will enable you to start your own journal and more importantly to enjoy adding to it on a regular basis.

Your journal is not a daily diary: you don’t have to force yourself to write something, anything without fail every day. Approaching your journal in this way is likely to demotivate and make you avoid writing entirely. As an alternative, it is a good idea to keep a small note book or a few note books in strategic places: for instance by your bedside so that just before dropping off you can jot down a few notes of the day’s events that will trigger your memory when you have time to write.
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The Bottomless Notebook

Writers JournalReading through a writer’s notebook or journal is like discovering pearls, rubies and diamonds amidst a pile of rubble.

That little notebook is a powerhouse of ideas for every writer: The more you write down bits and pieces of your thoughts and observations, the more you are adding into the well of ideas for future works.
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In The Flesh: 3 Tips To Journaling Believable Characters

3 Tips To JournalingWriters are natural observers. We note characteristics about people that others miss. How many times have you observed someone, and then revealed that observation to a friend who said, “Yes, yes, that is exactly right! I could not put my finger on what impressed me about that person before.” Here are three journaling tips that will develop your skill of observation.
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Top Five Journal Exercises

Journal ExercisesKeeping a journal is a form of creative expression that enhances the creativity coaching process. Keeping a journal develops emotional awareness, reinforces self-esteem and aids in problem-solving. Keeping a journal also provides a written record of artistic growth, struggle and change.

Here are some basic exercises that I use throughout the creativity coaching process.
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10 Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Handmade Baby Journal

Create a Baby JournalSupply List:

1X bought Journal with handmade paper pages
3 sheets of Handmade paper with texture / pastel color or white
1 Yards x 2 inch Satin Ribbon
30 X Assorted sized silk flat flowers
1X Baby Hand print and /or Footprint Stamp and ink pad
A small Cardboard Frame or other scrap booking items to decorate the cover
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16 Tips on Keeping a Journal or Diary

journaling tips1. New to keeping a journal? Start with writing, Today, I am grateful for, and fill in the blank with what you are grateful for.

2. Write in your journal freely. Do not worry about how it looks, or even grammar and spelling errors. Write how you want, what you want, and where you want.
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