Keep a Dream Journal – Why Bother?

Dream JournalWant a key to unlock your inner wisdom? Try keeping a dream journal.

Experts believe that our nighttime dreams deal with concerns, worries, or events that we experience during our waking hours. A study done in 2003 speculated that about 50-percent of people have work-related nightmares.
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Why I Keep a Journal

Why Journal?I am a journaler. I have kept a journal for over 25 years. You can give me any date in the past 25 years and I can tell you what I was doing on that date. Some people have questioned why I do this. Why bother? What good reasons do I have to keep a journal? That’s what I would like to talk about today.
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Journaling Your Work

Journal Your WorkKeeping a journal is a proven, powerful tool to enhance and benefit not only your personal life and well being. Journaling can also do the same for your work life. It is a way to record and track daily activities and thoughts, which can help with long term projects and goals.
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It’s Never Just a Hamburger – Problem Solving by Journaling

Journal Problem SolvingDid you know that using a personal journal is a life tool that will help you identify and solve problems? For journalers, identifying problems is easy. We just re-read our journals.

There are many other good reasons to re-read a journal, one of them being to identify recurrent themes. Recurrent journaling themes are ideas or thoughts that keep surfacing in a journaler’s diary or blog. It’s important to examine them and learn from them.
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To Journal Or Not To Journal That Is The Question

To Journal or Not to JournalI’m sure that at one time or another every one of us has been told to journal. “What is so important about journaling?” you may ask. “I’ve already had to live with it going over and over in my head, why would I want to write it down?”

You’ve answered your own question.
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The Benefits of Journal Writing

The Benefits of Journal WritingEveryday we experience many different events. Some good, some bad, some memorable and some that can be forgotten the next day. For writers, these events of our lives are a treasure trove of material that could be very valuable to us.

You just had a fight with your mother? Why not write it down?

You just broke your leg? Why not sit down and scribble a few lines describing how it feels?
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Improve Your Communication Skills – Keep a Journal

improve communication - keep a journalCommunication usually involves someone saying or writing something to someone else and receiving a response. But, as I’m proposing keeping a journal can have a special role in communication, you may well ask ‘Where is this response?’ And keeping a journal must appear to be a very one-sided form of communication. Journals, however, have multiple purposes and can take many forms. And none of these is ultimately incompatible with the concept of communication. You may also find that – ultimately – keeping a journal even enhances your abilities in this skill.
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10 Reasons to Start an Exercise Journal

excercise journalIf you are wanting to get into an exercise program and make some kind of exercise routine a part of your daily habits (or almost daily habits) but you are finding yourself unable to actually stick with any program no matter how hard you try, you should start an exercise journal.
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Journal Writing Helps You Master Life’s Challenges

Journaling Life's ChallengesJournal writing is a powerful tool that can help you overcome challenges in all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, money, or wherever your stumbling blocks lie.

Documenting your vision and goals in your journal will make them more real than if you just daydream about them vaguely. Clear your mind of distractions, clearly state your goals in writing, and revisit them frequently, and you’ll be surprised how effective your efforts become.
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