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Create an Idea JournalWhen I first heard Jim Rohn talk about the importance of keeping an idea journal I was immediately captivated. So what is it you ask?…

In its simplest form an idea journal is accomplished when we take the time to commit our ideas to paper. It makes no difference whether it’s done with a notepad or a fancy journal. The effect is the same. All your ideas need to be recorded.

Why is it important – Throughout the course of any given day countless ideas come and go our way — even though many of them may appear to be unrealistic to us at the time. What happens is often we simply discard them as a passing thought.

The problem with this is that what we previously believed to be unachievable can change drastically as our minds are expanded with each new success that comes our way.

What I mean is you may doubt yourself now, yet a few successes later what you thought to be impossible now suddenly appears quite achievable!

It’s like the first time we tried to ride a bike. We thought we would never pull it off. Yet after we mastered it our belief system grew to the point that now we can’t even comprehend the idea that riding a bike would ever have been hard.

Hopefully now you can see the problem with dismissing your ideas. As we grow in confidence, what we thought impossible before suddenly appears to be quite achievable. However, we have lost those ideas… UNLESS we kept an idea journal!

Simply put commit your ideas to paper. No matter how impossible they may appear to you commit them to your idea journal. Your very success might come from them in the not too distant future.

Imagine what must have run through Walt Disney’s head when the idea of a cartoon mouse popped up! Yet the idea (no matter how silly) was committed to paper. The rest is history!

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