Generate Writing Ideas From Your Personal Journal and Freewriting Notebook

Generate Writing IdeasWhen it comes to generating ideas and characters to write about for your novel, essay, or children’s story, two of your best resources to glean ideas from are your two best writing friends: Your Personal Journal and your Freewriting Notebook.

Some of us already use these two resources for own writing, but if you’re new to these two writing resources and are wondering what the difference is between the two, here are the basics that go into creating your very own writing idea generator.

A Personal Journal is your reflection of life experiences:

o Tracking your feelings about family and friends
o Friendships lost, friendships gained
o Reflections about movies you’ve seen and books you’ve read
o Events attended and outcomes experienced
o Exploration of personal behavioral changes and traits
o Tracking attitudes about your future plans
o Very personal, for your eyes only

A Freewriting Notebook is written with the intent to generate ideas or to get out of a writer’s rut:

o Writing is done without a time limit
o Ideas don’t have to be coherent
o Concepts may not be clear yet
o Jumping from idea to idea is okay
o Letting words just flow without restraint
o Done anytime and anywhere
o No need for grammatical correctness

If you’re consistent in keeping up with your daily writing in either the Personal Journal or the Freewriting Notebook, you will never lack ideas for writing. Not only are these two resources good for your own well-being and mental health, they can also provide you with suggestions or plots for your novel, essay, or children’s story.

About the Author: Krystaline Soash

Krystalina Soash is a generalist writer and public speaker with one published work, “Writing Tips for Student Projects and New Freelance Writers” and a second work in production: “Your Positive Potential: Action Steps for Self-Empowerment” released October 2010.

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