Journal Writing Topics – Unique Journaling Ideas

Create an Idea JournalWriting journals are documented records of various incidents experienced by a person, his or her thoughts and observations regarding the same or otherwise, and private expressions of emotion. The very practice of journaling helps in crystallization of an individual’s thoughts and ideas, concerns and conflicts. It also helps the writer to identify the subconscious thoughts which might otherwise fade away unnoticed.

The beauty of journaling is that there are very few, if any, rules. In fact, the fun of journal writing is the unstructured writing environment that comes inherently with journaling. Experienced writers and novices alike write down their daily experiences, thoughts and realizations in a journal, and can find the experience of keeping a journal truly rewarding.

Art Journal:

Any individual may benefit from using an art journal to discuss and document feelings and ideas regarding various illustrations, photography, paintings and drawings or other forms of artwork. It’s useful to take this journal along with you on any museum visit. Children in particular can enjoy taking along a blank journal to trace pictures of paintings they liked, or to doodle anything that inspired them. An art journal doesn’t have to contain merely writing about art, but obviously can include artwork as well, such as photographs, etching, or even small paintings in ink or watercolor.

‘Healing’ Journal:

If you or a loved one has ever battled a serious illness, you may have found that talking things out sometimes helps. Keeping a ‘healing’ journal is a natural extension of talking through the frustrations and joys of overcoming illness or injury. The emotional stresses and pensive mood some people experience during a prolonged spell of illness are generally documented in these journals. Many have found that they can sometimes lessen their trauma by jotting down their emotions and expressing their feelings, and by documenting others’ kindness and warmth shown towards them during difficult times. In addition, writing down self-assuring quotes and other inspiring items allow the healing journal to assist in emotional and physical wellbeing.

Travel Journal:

As the name suggests, travel journals are used to jot down the details of tours and travels, places visited, their description, the feelings and emotions after having visited a certain place and enjoyed its beauty. Tour brochures, tickets and bills, snapshots of hotels and places visited complete the entries in these journals which later on act as memoirs of a particular trip.

Book Lovers Journal:

These are the journals for book worms, and can be particularly useful for individuals who read various types of books, and could benefit from using a topical journal to keep track of books that piqued their interest. By keeping notes of their thoughts during and after reading a book, their feelings about the book and the author, their emotions and perceptions, or prominent quotes, they enrich their understanding of the books’ key themes and characters.


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