Journaling for Stress Relief

journalingOne of the great things about natural stress remedies is that they can be facilitated with mundane, household items like a pen and paper or notebook. Writing your thoughts down, for example, may be more useful than just recording your life experiences and feelings.

Some consider doing so to be among the most powerful of stress reducers. Indeed, expressing your emotions through the written word may help you relieve stress naturally while reducing worry, anxiety and other depressive symptoms.

Why Journal for Natural Stress Relief?

There’s no definitive answer for why journaling – or the recording your thoughts, feelings, emotions and activities through writing or other communication medium – can be so beneficial for natural stress relief, but here are our thoughts:

Putting pen to paper can help you better identify and flesh out negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and facilitate an emotional release;

Natural stress remedies like journaling allow you to “verbalize” painful emotions like frustration and anger without lashing out at and alienating others;

Recording your feelings and emotions gives you time to ponder them in greater detail, thereby helping you to gain better understanding and insights and solve problems;

It’s helpful to be able to refer to past journal entries and reflect on your progress and journey through this interesting experience called life;

A journal can help you to identify the regular stressors in your life, how you handle them and determine if changes need to be made for better stress management.

Let’s Get Journaling!

Journaling, like other natural stress remedies, is easy to implement. Just pull out a piece of paper and a pen and get writing with these general tips:

  • Schedule time to write in a comfortable setting when you won’t be interrupted.
  • It may be helpful to set aside time every day or each week specifically for journaling.
  • Date your journal entry and allow the words to flow freely about anything that comes to mind.
  • Don’t censor your thoughts.
  • Don’t worry about the length of your journal entries – they can be as long or as short as you want.
  • Forget about perfect grammar and punctuation – you’re not writing for anyone else.

But What Do You Write About?

If you don’t know what to write about at first, just focus on daily activities and any feelings that arise. You’ll see that as you record your thoughts, fears, hopes and frustrations regularly, predictable thought patterns will emerge. In addition, you’ll start identifying the obvious and subtle sources of stress in your life – an important factor for stress reducers like natural stress remedies to be effective.

You got to know what you’re dealing with after all! In addition, every time you experience obvious stress, do your best to journal about it in the moment. Write down the origin of the stress, the emotional and physical responses, any related actions taken and what you did, if anything, to improve your mood.

Consider also using your journal to note those people, things, situations and events in your life for which you are grateful. This can help you develop a “gratitude attitude” which may bolster emotional stamina and reduce stress while reinforcing a positive perspective in life. Positivity cannot be overlooked as one of the great stress reducers!

Journaling is an effective form of natural stress relief for many people. The minimum requirements are pen, paper and a quiet place where you can sit down to explore your thoughts. This makes it one of the least expensive natural stress remedies and emotional healing tools available.


About the Author: Jennifer Purcell

Jennifer Purcell is a stress management expert. After suffering for many years with unmanageable stress and anxiety, she stopped being a victim and found a way out for herself. After years of research and testing, she has brought together some of the best stress remedies she used to transform her life. By incorporating a few techniques into your daily routine as she has, you can transform your life as well.

Drawing from her hands-on experience and success, she now runs a website that helps others avoid the pitfalls of stress and reclaim their lives with education about effective and natural stress relief alternatives to medication.

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