Making Your Very Own Travel Journal

journalingI’ve been on countless trips since childhood; and the one thing I regret the most is being unable to preserve those memories.  Oh, sure, there may be scattered remains: orphaned photos, used plane tickets, bus stubs.  But after a while, the memories start fading and you wish you had just a little bit more to remember by.

I’d love to remember all those childhood vacations spent touring the Philippines.  I read about those places, and I know I went there; but for the life of me I couldn’t remember much of the trip. If only I could, I’d probably be the best Philippines travel guide out there!

I give you a few ideas here to save you that regret. You’ll never forget your experiences, and you’ll have something nice to show your friends and family, as well.  Pick one or two, or do everything!

Journaling the Journey
We were always made to write for school and for work; on your vacation, write for fun! Keep track of all the new things you experienced by scribbling and doodling things on your travel journal. The fun part is that nobody gets to grade or give feedback on it!

Getting Visual
Get your memories in color by bringing a camera with you. Make sure to have your batteries charged! When you get back from your trip, don’t be lazy. Label and organize those photos in digital or printed form.

Going Multimedia
Sometimes, even photos and words are not enough.  Pull out a videocam on the most memorable parts of the trip!  If you go hiking somewhere, take a leaf or flower and have it pressed (make sure it’s allowed first, too!).

Plot It Out
Wouldn’t it be great to have a bird’s eye view of all your travels?  Get a map, stick it to a wall and mark all the places you visited with a pin (or a picture of you at that particular place!).  If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, you can always do it electronically. Which may be better in some ways, because you can also store little notes and information along with the locations.

I wish I thought of all of these while going on all those trips! I would have been a wealth of Philippines travel tips right now.

The fun part is sharing all of this with the people you love.  They probably won’t feel as bad because you left them behind for your trip!  It would also be great to share this with the people you went on the trip with.

About the Author: Claire Ortega

Claire Ortega loves travel — specially around her native country. She writes for Local Philippines, the most comprehensive online directory of Philippine destinations, events, and attractions. Visit the website for more Philippines travel guide, tips and information!

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