Memory Books or Personal Journals – Not Just for Teens

journalingHowever, important events in your life, at the time they are fresh, provide a link to your children and grandchildren. Memories fade, but a dated notation of your thoughts just before your wedding, at the birth of a child, a new house, or a cross-country move can enhance your family relationships in later years.

About three years ago, my mother at age ninety-one, decided to recall special events in her life. She asked me to compose a journal. Memories of her early life were fairly vivid. However, when she was a busy wife and mother, she could not recall many events. I solicited information from my siblings, but their memories had faded as well. Sadly a gap appears in her journal.

I decided it would be different for my family. I have not kept a detailed journal, but I did jot down thoughts of events and kept them in a file folder. The notes have jogged my memory so that I can add more details. I am in the process of collating them in a time line. My children are anxious to read the finished memory journal. I plan to complete it to about five years ago and add more in the years to come. A simple ring binder makes it simple to continually update it.

Memories garnered from your siblings or your early years and later, your husband’s thoughts will make your memory book more interesting and exciting. Photos can be incorporated as well as copies of your birth certificate and marriage license will add to the legacy your leave your children.

Our lives are busy and it is often difficult to add another task, but a spiral notebook with dates and jottings of events will aid you in writing your journal later. It only takes a few moments and will be invaluable later on.

When your grandchild asks a question about the past, you will be able to give him amusing and informative answers.

You don’t need writing classes. The basics of sentence structure, a dictionary and a sense of humor will infuse your journal with memories to entertain your family for years.

Place the spiral notebook beside your easy chair. While relaxing in the evening, jot down any memorable event. Some days there will be nothing to write. Don’t worry. You are not composing a tome. Even if you skip a week or so, you can easily catch up.

Happy journaling! Your family will thank you.


About the Author:  Arlene J. Warner

Christian author, Arlene J. Warner, has worked as an executive secretary, taught in a Christian School, home schooled, and written children’s stories.

She is an active member of American Christian Romance Writers. She has published five books and is working on the sixth. Visit her website at:


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