How to Create A Journal Persona

How to Create a Journal PersonFirst of all, I often become too intense when I journal. Sometimes it’s easier for me to be serious then to write fun entries. There’s always a season to journal about serious topics. I am going to introduce one simple way to have fun when you journal.
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A Career Journal Can Prepare You For When Fate Forces You Into A Job Search

career journalImagine this, as unpleasant as it might be: You’re content in your job, which has decent pay and good benefits, a convenient commute, and just the right work-life balance. You wouldn’t dream of working elsewhere.

But wait! Here’s the unpleasant part: Your company has missed its financial goals and it probably won’t recover for some time. It announces layoffs – and you’re one of them. You’re stunned and devastated, to say the least.
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The Benefits of Journal Writing

The Benefits of Journal WritingEveryday we experience many different events. Some good, some bad, some memorable and some that can be forgotten the next day. For writers, these events of our lives are a treasure trove of material that could be very valuable to us.

You just had a fight with your mother? Why not write it down?

You just broke your leg? Why not sit down and scribble a few lines describing how it feels?
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16 Tips on Keeping a Journal or Diary

journaling tips1. New to keeping a journal? Start with writing, Today, I am grateful for, and fill in the blank with what you are grateful for.

2. Write in your journal freely. Do not worry about how it looks, or even grammar and spelling errors. Write how you want, what you want, and where you want.
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Helping Teens Learn How to Keep a Journal

teen journalBeing able to express ourselves using the hand written word is rapidly becoming a lost art. Kids are more likely to type on their laptops or send a text message if they have anything to say. But writing by hand is a whole different experience for teens: it’s a much more emotional connection with their inner selves, and it will be a tool that they can use to help them navigate through their most turbulent years. Here are some ways to help teens want to keep a journal.
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Improve Your Communication Skills – Keep a Journal

improve communication - keep a journalCommunication usually involves someone saying or writing something to someone else and receiving a response. But, as I’m proposing keeping a journal can have a special role in communication, you may well ask ‘Where is this response?’ And keeping a journal must appear to be a very one-sided form of communication. Journals, however, have multiple purposes and can take many forms. And none of these is ultimately incompatible with the concept of communication. You may also find that – ultimately – keeping a journal even enhances your abilities in this skill.
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Butterflies And Hiccups – A Guided Pregnancy Journal

pregnancy journalButterflies & Hiccups (New Beginnings Production Company, 2002)was conceived by Laurie J. Wing during her two pregnancies when she could not find a comprehensive journal for those who do not like to blank journal-keep.
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Journal Writing Makes a Great Classroom Activity

classroom journalingBig sisters used to scream “Mom” when little brothers were caught breaking into their secret diary to read what their sister wrote about the cute boy on the bus. Today, while few of us have traditional locked diaries, many people do purchase beautiful, empty books in which to write about, or “journal,” daily activities, thoughts, disappointments, feelings, activities and dreams.
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