Keep Thy Personal Journal Private!

Keep Thy Journal PrivateIf you live with other people, I know you shudder to think about what would happen if your personal journal fell into the wrong hands. Journaling is not about writing something and then leaving it on your bed so your family can see how you really feel about them. You may be tempted to do that at times, but don’t.
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Homemaking Journals

Homemaking JournalsI am so excited about the idea of creating a Homemaking Journal to pass down to my daughters. It is something that was actually created centuries ago. Homemaking Journals were actually passed down through family generations in the “olden days.” It is a journal where you record in one place all things related to homemaking. All of the things special to you, traditions you have instilled, secrets, tips and more.

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Journaling Prompts for New Mothers

Journaling Prompts for New MothersIf there is one story my kids love to hear again and again, it is the story of their birth. But they are interested in more than the birth statistics. They want to know how I felt. They want to know how much their new presence in the world meant to me.

The most meaningful baby albums, scrapbooks, and journals go beyond the details of birth weight and time of day to capture the true emotion behind the birth.
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Art Journals For Children

Art Journals For ChildrenMy step-daughter has kept journals for most of her life. She has volumes of memories and recollections; she can instantly recall her feelings and experiences in the moment whenever she wants to simply by flicking back through the pages. I, in comparison, only discovered the joy of journaling a few years ago and I wish so much that I had started much earlier.

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How to Make a Personal Handmade Journal

How to Make a Personal Handmade JournalJournals are intimate items where we put in writing our hopes, ambitions, dreams, fears or anything we could not express in words. There are millions of diaries in the market to choose from. However, it would never be as intimate if you hand-made your own journal. A handmade diary for your thoughts and feelings would be a superb way to watch your life charge forward.
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Journal Writing Helps You Master Life’s Challenges

Journaling Life's ChallengesJournal writing is a powerful tool that can help you overcome challenges in all areas of your life: health, relationships, career, money, or wherever your stumbling blocks lie.

Documenting your vision and goals in your journal will make them more real than if you just daydream about them vaguely. Clear your mind of distractions, clearly state your goals in writing, and revisit them frequently, and you’ll be surprised how effective your efforts become.
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Appreciation & Blessing Journal

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are on a positive roll where everything seems to be golden with doors opening everywhere? And at other times it seems as if nothing you do works out?

How things work out depends upon what you place your attention. If you make it your goal to look for things to appreciate, to feel good about in any experience, even the smallest things will produce a higher vibration.
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Jumpstart Your Life – Top 21 Benefits to Journaling

Top 21 Benefits to JournalingA journal is a trustworthy friend. It sharpens you. It brings order to your thoughts. It solidifies ideas. A journal expands in you a grateful heart as you capture the gifts in your days. People will be drawn to you as they see joy increasing. Here you can implement the advancement of your dreams and goals. A journal will be a friend who listens…just listens. When life gets tough and relationships are challenging, it can offer comfort. It can serve as an educator for your emotions. It is the highway to your present and future best. Sure, you can buy a friend. Psychiatrists, counselors, teachers, coaches, advisors, trainers-they’re great. But still….
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Journal Writing Prompts – Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Journal Writing PromptsChances are excellent that there is at least one character trait, habit or push-button response that you would love to change, if only you had an easy way to do it.

Maybe one person knows exactly how to push your buttons (and does it often!), and you would like to stop responding the way you always do.

Maybe you notice a bad habit you would like to break

Maybe you want to try on a new role or behavior in your life to change the results you get.

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