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When I was first approached by Jerry Pine to review his iPad App “My Weekly Journal and Scrapbook” I was more than willing to take it out for a test-drive, but unable to do so as I lacked access to an iPad. Now, with a long-awaited new iPad in hand, I’m pleased to be able to give a “thumbs-up” to this nifty little application.

If you own an iPad, you know that there are tens of thousands of applications out there just waiting to entertain you, enrich your life, or help you out with some perceived short-coming. There are LOTS and LOTS of journal/diary apps. Most, if not all, of these apps concern themselves with allowing you to keep a journal using your iPad. In other words, they are concerned with the mechanics of journaling.

In comparison, the “My Weekly Journal” application is concerned with the heart of journaling. This app guides you through the journaling process by focusing on one topic per week. There are 52 journaling prompts included, one for each week of the year. You can start at 1 and move week-by-week through the list until you reach #52, or you can go wild and skip around as you wish.

Mr. Pine, a former U.S. Army psychologist and current university professor, feels that dealing in depth with a single topic each week allows you to get deeper into the subject than you would by trying to write on a different topic each day. After reviewing the prompts and the one-week journaling example provided, I agree wholeheartedly. The journal entries in the sample clearly show that the journaler took a deeper reflective journey than one would likely have done with a one per day prompt. In my opinion, writing on one subject for a week, either daily or on your own schedule, makes a big difference in the insights you achieve. My trial of “My Weekly Journal” proved that to me.

The author also suggests that you enhance your weekly written thoughts and/or memories with the creation of a scrapbook page that uses images to represent the the memories or feelings brought to the surface during the week. If you were to follow through with this suggested process, at the end of the year you would have quite an impressive “memory book” created for your own use or to hand down to your children or grandchildren.

As an avid journaler, I’m looking forward to spending the next year getting to know this application and myself much better. Although I was provided a free copy of the app for review, I liked it so much that I purchased a copy for my sister!

More Details:

–    $1.99
–    Category: Lifestyle
–    Released: Aug 09, 2011
–    Version: 1.0.2
–    1.0.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
–    Size: 9.4 MB
–    Language: English
–    Seller: Jerry Pine
–    © 2011, Psi Media Publishers
–    Rated 4+
–    Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later



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One thought on “Review – My Weekly Journal & Scrapbook App

  1. Thanks for your review Deborah. How revolutionary and so necessary to have an app that focuses on the heart and soul of the transformative Journaling process. WriteON! Jerry Pine!

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