Tips On Keeping A Personal Growth Journal

Tips on Keeping a Personal JournalJournaling is a great way of ‘dropping in’ on yourself, and measuring your progress. Whenever we want to manage a new situation, cope with a crisis, clarify what we feel, or have a better understanding of ourselves, journal keeping acts as a powerful facilitator to our growth.
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10 Reasons to Start an Exercise Journal

excercise journalIf you are wanting to get into an exercise program and make some kind of exercise routine a part of your daily habits (or almost daily habits) but you are finding yourself unable to actually stick with any program no matter how hard you try, you should start an exercise journal.
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Keep Thy Personal Journal Private!

Keep Thy Journal PrivateIf you live with other people, I know you shudder to think about what would happen if your personal journal fell into the wrong hands. Journaling is not about writing something and then leaving it on your bed so your family can see how you really feel about them. You may be tempted to do that at times, but don’t.
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Homemaking Journals

Homemaking JournalsI am so excited about the idea of creating a Homemaking Journal to pass down to my daughters. It is something that was actually created centuries ago. Homemaking Journals were actually passed down through family generations in the “olden days.” It is a journal where you record in one place all things related to homemaking. All of the things special to you, traditions you have instilled, secrets, tips and more.

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Journaling Prompts for New Mothers

Journaling Prompts for New MothersIf there is one story my kids love to hear again and again, it is the story of their birth. But they are interested in more than the birth statistics. They want to know how I felt. They want to know how much their new presence in the world meant to me.

The most meaningful baby albums, scrapbooks, and journals go beyond the details of birth weight and time of day to capture the true emotion behind the birth.
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Art Journals For Children

Art Journals For ChildrenMy step-daughter has kept journals for most of her life. She has volumes of memories and recollections; she can instantly recall her feelings and experiences in the moment whenever she wants to simply by flicking back through the pages. I, in comparison, only discovered the joy of journaling a few years ago and I wish so much that I had started much earlier.

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Appreciation & Blessing Journal

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you are on a positive roll where everything seems to be golden with doors opening everywhere? And at other times it seems as if nothing you do works out?

How things work out depends upon what you place your attention. If you make it your goal to look for things to appreciate, to feel good about in any experience, even the smallest things will produce a higher vibration.
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Easy Journaling Tips

Journaling is a stress free learning technique. My children who journaled seemed to have much more pleasure in—and success at—writing.

Children want to be just like their parents and your writing will inspire their writing, so let your young child see you journaling, even before that child writes. Rather than being a chore, you will find journaling to be multifaceted and rewarding.
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How To Create A Collage Journal

How to Create a Collage JournalCreating a collage journal is a unique and fun way to personalize and enrich your journal. Making a collage journal is something that everyone can enjoy. If you are a visual artist, photographer, writer or just someone who wants to enhance your written journal, then creating a collage journal can be quite an adventure.

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