Journal the Journey…

journalingWriting one of the fundamental means of communication. We use it to connect with family, friends, co-workers near and far. Communication is paramount to understanding, growth, peace, etc. We acknowledge that without communication the flow of life simple couldn’t exist. But what about communication and connecting with the inner self? In essence the inner self is the universal compass that guides and directs us from a deep wellspring of knowledge and wisdom.

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Writing a Journal – Tips on Organisation and Motivation

Journal Organization and MotivationFollowing some important guidelines will enable you to start your own journal and more importantly to enjoy adding to it on a regular basis.

Your journal is not a daily diary: you don’t have to force yourself to write something, anything without fail every day. Approaching your journal in this way is likely to demotivate and make you avoid writing entirely. As an alternative, it is a good idea to keep a small note book or a few note books in strategic places: for instance by your bedside so that just before dropping off you can jot down a few notes of the day’s events that will trigger your memory when you have time to write.
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8 Great Journaling Tips

journaling tipsMix a martini, don’t forget the olives, or pour yourself a tea, relax and enjoy!

There are no hard-set rules for keeping a journal. How often you write, time you spend, and how rigorously you maintain a regular journaling schedule are matters of personal choice and circumstance. Therefore, it is important to find what works for you. Here are eight guidelines to assist you.
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