What Is Journal Therapy?

journalingEveryone knows what a journal is. Some people keep journals as teenagers, others write in them regularly throughout their lives. And almost all of us know what therapy is. Physical therapy helps improve muscles and joints. And mental therapy helps improve emotions, feelings and the mind. But when these two things come together to create Journal Therapy, what exactly does that mean?
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7 Benefits of Keeping a Success Journal

journalingHow many times, at the end of your day have you gotten ready for bed, laid your head on your pillow, replayed the events of the day and thought, “I wish I had done this” or “maybe I should have done that?” More often than not our focus turns to what we didn’t get done that day rather than what we did accomplish.
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What Kind of Journal Or Notebook Should You Use?

journalingFor many people, it is what you actually write in your journal that gets you stuck. You get a few sentences down, and then find yourself staring at the ceiling for an hour. For others, writing comes easy. It’s what they love to do and they can’t seem to run out of ideas. No matter which of these you are, you still need to get a journal to start with before you can start writing or try to start writing. What is the best type of journal for you?
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Why You Should Keep a Beekeeping Journal

journalMy beekeeping teacher, Serge Labesque, passionately recommended that all his students keep a beekeeping journal. I resisted, though. Whenever he would mention the usefulness of journals, I balked because I dislike having to be so disciplined about anything. I’ve never kept a diary in my younger years and never wanted to. I was persuaded only because we respect Serge so much; he explained how much he learned by rereading his journals, so I went ahead and started keeping a journal.
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4 Different Ways to Keep a Journal

journalingThere are as many different ways to keep a journal as there are people and their reasons for wanting to do so. Some people enjoy the cathartic effect of getting all their thoughts and emotions out of themselves and down on paper, while others simply enjoy documenting the events of their lives. If you want to begin a journal, consider the following different approaches to journalizing and choose the one that appeals to you the most and best suits your personality, skills and the amount of time you are able to invest.
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A Learning Journal Is Your Map to Continuous Development

Learning journalWith the world changing each year at an increasingly faster pace, there are times when many of us think and feel as if we are treading water and are not learning new behaviors to increase our leadership effectiveness. When we look back over the past year at our accomplishments, we can’t clearly define what behaviors, skills, knowledge, and traits have helped us achieve our goals.
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Save $100.00 A Month With A Grocery Journal

Grocery JournalMany people think personal journaling means writing a book of deep thoughts, but the most useful journals are simple notebooks that contain mundane lists, like grocery lists or to-do lists. I teach journaling workshops, and people are surprised when I tell them they can save over $100 a month by keeping a grocery journal.
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10 Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Handmade Baby Journal

Create a Baby JournalSupply List:

1X bought Journal with handmade paper pages
3 sheets of Handmade paper with texture / pastel color or white
1 Yards x 2 inch Satin Ribbon
30 X Assorted sized silk flat flowers
1X Baby Hand print and /or Footprint Stamp and ink pad
A small Cardboard Frame or other scrap booking items to decorate the cover
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Panic Attack Journal – Prepare To Stop Them!

Panic Attack JournalSo you’re committed to making a change and taking steps to stopping your panic attacks. You are going to need a detailed journal of your panic attacks so that you can better understand when they strike, what triggers them and all the other factors that contribute to your panic attacks.
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Keeping a Car Journal

Keep a Car JournalIf you have no idea what a car journal is, it is a record of the repairs that have been done on your vehicle. This includes the warranty work and recalls for your vehicle. They are available to buy already printed at a store that sells office supplies. Or you can make your own journal. The best to use would be a folder with paper and pockets for invoices. This allows everything to be in one place where it is easy to find.
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