The Abundance Book – Create Your Own Abundance Journal

Abundance JournalMarilyn awoke worried about an argument with her husband the night before. She wanted the kids to stay home this summer for more family time. He wanted them to go off to camp to become more independent and mature.
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Simplify Your Thoughts With a Healing Journal

Healing JournalAfter living with Multiple Sclerosis for over eighteen years, I’ve finally begun to cure it myself through the healing power of journal therapy. In 2001, I lost feeling on the right side of my body, making it difficult to walk and impossible to write with my dominant right hand. I needed a way to teach my left hand how to write. What better way than by starting a journal?
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Keep a Dream Journal – Why Bother?

Dream JournalWant a key to unlock your inner wisdom? Try keeping a dream journal.

Experts believe that our nighttime dreams deal with concerns, worries, or events that we experience during our waking hours. A study done in 2003 speculated that about 50-percent of people have work-related nightmares.
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Weight Loss Tool – Food Journal

Food JournalAll the weight control experts recommend keeping a record of what you eat. Seeing your daily intake in black and white reality can boost your pride in your self-discipline, gently confront you with some less than stellar choices you’ve made, or cast you into a morass of guilt and depression when you face the epicurean debacle that your food intake represents.
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How to Choose a Dream Journal

Dream JournalDreams are one of the ways in which we can live more purposeful lives. By paying attention to our nightly dreams, we receive guidance and information that helps us to live a more deliberate life by pointing us towards more conscious choices.
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Astrology and Journaling – Keeping a Journal Makes Learning Astrology Easy and Fun

Astrology and JournalingDid you know that keeping a journal is a dandy aid to learn astrology?

Journaling has many positive benefits. It provides a handy way of recording your thoughts, perceptions and ideas before they are lost to the demands of everyday living.
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A Learning Journal Is Your Map to Continuous Development

Learning journalWith the world changing each year at an increasingly faster pace, there are times when many of us think and feel as if we are treading water and are not learning new behaviors to increase our leadership effectiveness. When we look back over the past year at our accomplishments, we can’t clearly define what behaviors, skills, knowledge, and traits have helped us achieve our goals.
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Save $100.00 A Month With A Grocery Journal

Grocery JournalMany people think personal journaling means writing a book of deep thoughts, but the most useful journals are simple notebooks that contain mundane lists, like grocery lists or to-do lists. I teach journaling workshops, and people are surprised when I tell them they can save over $100 a month by keeping a grocery journal.
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10 Easy Steps to Create a Beautiful Handmade Baby Journal

Create a Baby JournalSupply List:

1X bought Journal with handmade paper pages
3 sheets of Handmade paper with texture / pastel color or white
1 Yards x 2 inch Satin Ribbon
30 X Assorted sized silk flat flowers
1X Baby Hand print and /or Footprint Stamp and ink pad
A small Cardboard Frame or other scrap booking items to decorate the cover
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