Use a Golf Journal to Lower Your Scores

Golf JournalAs I give more and more golf lessons, it amazes me how much money people will spend with me and as soon as they leave it is like the golf lesson never happened!

I suggest to all of my students to keep a golf journal. With a golf journal, we can get together at the end of the lesson and discuss what their homework will be until the next golf lesson. The challenge for me is that less than 5 of my students do this and then wonder why they are not progressing as fast as they would like.
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10 Self-Improvement Questions To Journal

To Journal or Not to JournalOften we accept the way “things are” because “it is what it is”. How can we change in the midst of daily commitments and distractions? Like me, you probably aspire for something deeper and more meaningful.

Working your way through bills, the demands of marriage and family, or managing a business requires focus and enthusiasm. How can you find time for self-improvement when you’re pelted with the problems of keeping the lights “on”, paying the mortgage, and keeping the cars running. This is enough burden to squelch aspiration.
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The Benefits of Journal Writing

The Benefits of Journal WritingEveryday we experience many different events. Some good, some bad, some memorable and some that can be forgotten the next day. For writers, these events of our lives are a treasure trove of material that could be very valuable to us.

You just had a fight with your mother? Why not write it down?

You just broke your leg? Why not sit down and scribble a few lines describing how it feels?
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