Journals You Can Keep

journalingBesides your daily feelings, thoughts, and experiences journal, there are many ideas for journals or diaries that you can keep, some are suggested below.

Buy a blank book or a notebook with a particular journal topic in mind and keep this book for only that topic. You may decide to keep several kinds of journals at the same time, so remember that you do not have to journal every day.

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Making a Pregnancy Journal With Baby Ultrasound Pictures

journalingOne of the most exciting things you will experience in your pregnancy is seeing your baby ultrasound pictures. It’s magical to see your child for the first time and watch him as he lies in the womb. In fact, many mothers want to catalogue the experiences of their pregnancy and create a scrapbook in which to place pictures and write things about their feelings. This can be a great way for you to share your experiences and something unique for your child to look at when he or she is older.
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Butterflies And Hiccups – A Guided Pregnancy Journal

pregnancy journalButterflies & Hiccups (New Beginnings Production Company, 2002)was conceived by Laurie J. Wing during her two pregnancies when she could not find a comprehensive journal for those who do not like to blank journal-keep.
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