Travel Journals

Vacation JournalAre you off to a vacation adventure this season? Have you ever kept a travel journal?

A travel journal is where you write about your personal, family and/or business travels. It can be a separate journal where you record your experiences, details, and even your feelings about your travels, creating a written record of each trip.

You can also record your travels, if you already journal, in your existing journal. Just indicate that this is a record of your travels — That can be accomplished by using a separate color of pen.

You can record…

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Making Your Very Own Travel Journal

journalingI’ve been on countless trips since childhood; and the one thing I regret the most is being unable to preserve those memories.  Oh, sure, there may be scattered remains: orphaned photos, used plane tickets, bus stubs.  But after a while, the memories start fading and you wish you had just a little bit more to remember by.
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Journaling on Vacation

Vacation JournalYou can take plenty of photographs on your vacation, even digital video is fairly easy, but those things won’t help you record the little incidents that give meaning to your vacation. That is why keeping a travel journal is so helpful. The journal of your vacation is the place to keep notes of the small things that give color to your trip. It is also the place to keep the details of the big things that make a vacation memorable.
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Creative Travel Journals – 14 Ways They Are Different and Much More Fun Than Regular Journals

Travel JournalWhy use ANY travel journal? Why not just remember all the fun times on your trip?

Because without one, you will arrive home, get back in your routines, and the memories of that fabulous, fun trip will fade away – guaranteed! Within embarrassingly too few days or weeks after arriving home, your wonderful memories will have melted into one big fat faded trip with just a title like New York or Italy or Oh Yes, Where Was That?
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Travel Journals – Unleashing Your Inner Writer

Travel JournalDo the words “travel journal” bring up images of grade school essays, “What I did on my summer vacation?” Are you a person who groans at the thought of keeping a trip journal, claiming that you are on vacation? Are you one who believes writing is an assignment rather than a pleasure? If so, perhaps it is time to look at writing with new eyes.

I have a friend who professionally writes, and she loves to write. She keeps a daily journal, taking it with her when she is on trips. As soon as the flight attendant gives permission to use the plane’s drop-down trays, she takes out her journal and begins capturing her her adventure.
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