The 7 Areas of Success: Journal Your Way to A Wonderful Life

JournalingKeeping a journal is the key to success and fulfillment. If you are looking for success in your life begin by journaling in each of these major areas. Here are the 7 areas of your life you need to journal about to improve your life today.

Diet – keeping a diet journal is paramount to understanding your relationship with food. Much of what we eat is done unconsciously. When we write it down, we become aware of the actual things and quantities we’re ingesting. Studies show that just recording what you eat will help you shed weight. True enough, a written record is a better gauge of your caloric intake than your subconscious mind!

Exercise – maintaining an exercise journal is a motivational tool as well as a wonderful insight into your health. Record your exercise program, progress and setbacks! Also include important information about feelings and exercise times. Later, you can fall back on reading your entries to motivate yourself on those low energy days.

Relationships – A personal diary about our relationships with our loved ones is very therapeutic, especially when we doubt ourselves. Writing down feelings about negative encounters can help us sort through our emotions and keep us from saying hurtful things in the future. Noting thoughts of appreciation about individuals improves our relationship with them.

Spirituality – When contemplation and meditation about life, our souls and purpose are too difficult to do on our own, using a journal and writing to explore such existential questions facilitate the process to this natural and human quest. By exploring our spiritual side, we tend to explore the universe. Doing it in a journal, we can take our exploration to greater depths.

Money and finances – Much of our problem with money is our relationship to it. Money is that taboo subject that we all obsess about in this modern age. Just mentioning it, money conjures up both positive and negative associations. Understanding our own relationship that vacillates between these associations opens up our ability to attract abundance into our lives. This is best done when we’re journaling because often we’re in denial about how we truly feel about money.

Career and purpose – Loving what we do and doing what we love sounds so easy when you are a child. But in the adult world, there are bills to pay and supplies to buy. We are torn between duty and desire. We want to work and contribute, but sometimes we feel unhappy or worse, trapped, in our jobs or careers. Journaling about what we want in life can aid in finding various forms of self-expression especially when our jobs are not our vocations in life.

Begin a journal about each of these major areas of your life and watch as you and your attitude about all them improve. Journaling is about taking the time to put into words YOUR individual journey. When you begin to keep a journal, you’ll see your life take a turn for the better.

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