The Handwritten Journal Vs The Blog

My strong opinion is always that the handwritten journal is in fact a lot better than the online blog. So get the pen out of the dusty drawer and give the keyboard a rest. You will discover more feelings and subconscious thoughts by handwriting your journal entries. Writing on the computer releases too much technical writing for a personal journal whereas handwritten entries tap into inner emotions more freely.

The hand sweeping across the page stimulates more thought, running and weaving in tangents you were not even conscious of at the beginning. Personally a lot of the time I find myself writing and will not stop for anything, stuck in my introspective groove, and then a moment will arise when I will say ‘that’s it!’ and I will lay my pen down. When it comes to blogging, I find myself sitting and staring at the screen for an eternity not knowing what I want to say. Nothing seems to flow. I stop, delete, re-type, and while I may love the final result, there are too many interruptions to my creative thought process, which needs to flow freely.

Your handwriting is unique and personal to you. When it comes to typing an e-journal, all of our words look the same, maybe with a different font. Where is the character? Where is the soul? Writing by hand in a personal diary adds character to your words in a way that a blog simply cannot.

The real goldmine is found in the act of writing. The process of writing by hand is what makes the difference. More often than not we write slower than we can type, which means we are connecting more with our words. There is something extra special about seeing your thoughts in your own style of writing. It is the natural way of personalising your journals and makes them even more uniquely yours. There is the touch, smell and texture associated with each journal, especially if it is a handcrafted leather journal.

Put the unique stamp of your personality on your personal writing journal. E-journaling or blogging cannot fully achieve that certain aspect of individuality. If you haven’t tried handwritten journaling or if you haven’t tried it for a long time, give it a go. Just try it for a week. See if it achieves more results for you. You can always return to e-journaling but if you are searching for your own unique avenue of discovery, you cannot go beyond a handwritten personal journal.


Matt D Gibson is founder and creative director of Rebel Rock Ranch.

Although he prefers to write by hand in handcrafted leather journals, he does have a Blog.

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