The Writer’s Notebook – A Powerhouse Of Ideas

journalingReading the contents in a writer’s notebook or journal is like opening and discovering a chest full of pearls, rubies and diamonds amidst a pile of rubble and discarded things.

That little notebook is a powerhouse of ideas for every writer: The more you write down bits and pieces of your thoughts and observations, the more you are adding into the well of ideas for future works.

In case you run out of ideas to write about, you can always look within the pages of your writer’s notebook or journal.

So here are several things you can record in your notebook:


Write what you know, feel and experience, right? So jot down snippets of events in your life. Write a sentence or a paragraph about a funny, embarrassing, happy, or infuriating experience.


Write down descriptions of the people you meet each day. How do they react in certain situations? How do their names fit their image?


Whenever an interesting word catches your attention, write it down. It may have a different meaning for you a month or a year from now. If you keep a list of words in your notebook, the words can serve as story starters for you.


Kids say the most unexpected things, and people say the most interesting, surprising or even shocking lines when we least expect to hear them say these lines. Overheard lines in a conversation can sometimes spark your creative mind. Write down these one-liners in your notebook. They can be great story starters.


Read good books. Keep a file of memorable lines or quotes. Write down quirky billboard ads. Scan the papers for one-liners. These are good idea stimulators.


Describe what you feel at any given moment. If you feel angry right now, write what your anger feels like. Describe it. Use vivid words. Don’t skimp on adjectives.

Writers are like store owners: Store owners stock supplies in their shelves, while we writers stock ideas between the pages of our notebooks.

It’s endless. It’s bottomless. You can reach down again and again for inspiration without exhausting your notebook of reserve.

So take a peek in your notebook and you just might find something there that could connect your pen to the paper on your desk.


About the Author – Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Shery is the creator and author of the exciting new series of ebooks for writers, SEEDS: Ideas for the Everyday (Non-Fiction) Writer. You can download a FREE sampler at The July SEEDS ebook contains 82 idea seeds, all based on historical events. Visit

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One thought on “The Writer’s Notebook – A Powerhouse Of Ideas

  1. This is an excellent post about all the things that can go into a writing journal. Writing down quotes, phrases or throughts inspired by good books, is particularly fun. Doing so gives you a great set of ideas to go back to and re-read, long after you’ve read the book. Excellent article!

    Imagination Tree

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