Weight Loss – Use a Journal to Help You

diet journalWeight loss is a process that does not happen overnight. There is no magic pill. You must put in time and effort to see success with weight loss. When you decide that weight loss is your goal, a journal can come in handy. What you put in your journal is up to you, but there are a few things you should add to make your weight loss as successful as possible. The following article contains some tips you can use when you want to lose weight and use a journal to help you do it.

The first thing you need to do is pick a journal.

A simple dollar notebook from your local store will work just as well as a nice, fancy journal. The choice is yours. If you like writing in a nice book, then by all means, choose a journal that is attractive to you. The journal itself will not help you lose weight; it is simply a tool for you to lose.

Now it is time to start writing in your journal.

You may want to start with your goals. How much weight would you like to lose overall? If you have a large amount, you may want to break it down into smaller chunks so you do not feel too overwhelmed. You might also want to add a timeline to the weight that you want to lose. Just be sure that your goals and timeline are realistic. If you make goals that are near impossible, you can end up frustrated and end up quitting.

You should also record your starting weight in your journal.

While your weight may not be something you want to share, it can really be helpful and it will show you just how much progress you have made. You can also add your starting measurements. This is another way that you can see progress. A before picture is also a great idea. Remember, your journal can be as private as you want it to be. You can and should add anything you want; it will only help you in the long run. As you progress in your journey, record your weight, your measurements and your picture on a regular basis.

You might also choose to add your feelings to your weight loss journal.

You can write on a daily or weekly basis, or on whatever schedule that works for you. Write down how losing weight makes you feel. Is it easy for you? Is it hard? What exactly is hard for you? How do you feel when you are successful? Or not so successful? Writing these thoughts and feelings can really help you along this journey.

Writing down what you eat can be really helpful.

This will only work if you are honest and write down everything you eat. Even if you take a bite of something, write it down. Did someone offer you a piece of chocolate cake? Do you want to write it down in your journal? Knowing you will be writing down what you eat can be a deterrent in making bad choices. It can also be helpful for reflecting on times when you are successful, or not, in losing weight. If you see you did not lose the weight you wanted to a certain week, you can look back and see what it was that you ate? Chances are your food choices had something to do with not losing weight.

Even if you are not a writer, keeping a journal can be very helpful when it comes to losing weight.


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